Soy, balls and testosterone

If you lose your consideration in the next 30 seconds, here’s the message to take home: men who think that their balls should not eat a lot of soy. Well?

A few days ago, while I was losing some time in my recreation center, I finally took a look at the elements of an outstanding brand of protein powder used by the juice bar for everyone of his shakes and smoothies & Testosterone Boosters.

Incredibly, soy protein has been registered as one of the fixers. I asked the organization that made this protein how much soy was in each serving, but I was informed that the intricacies of its “exclusive recipe” could not be discovered. Currently, soy protein is incredibly spoiled (much less expensive than whey, for example, which is really bad), so the position “Our formula is a secret” = We make a lot of money with this product and We do not want it or our competitors do not know how much.

Anyway, besides having a corrosive amino acid profile below that which can be compared to another protein that I can consider (possibly separated from the pea protein!), The main problem of Men who eat soy is that he has shown in different studies like this to reduce testosterone levels. (This article from a weightlifting site contains an increasingly detailed article on impacts and records research in the field of aid). If you have the opportunity to consider your abilities as a man (whether you are in the games field, in the meeting room or in the room), observe this. I’m not saying that a touch of miso soup with your sushi or a soy protein aid in your shake will give you the hormonal dimensions of Mr Muscle. However, I declare that if you consider the estrogenic world in which you live, how it is shown that it affects your hormone levels (think of estrogen in the tap water you drink, women, alcohol and to the foods you consume), men may need to avoid other effects avoid things that further lower testosterone.

Also, for young women who, for obvious reasons, may not be worried about your article, instead of wasting your money on soy protein with a poor amino profile, buy a whey protein or casein adequate. In the end, you will get an unequivocal value for money.

What are the side effects of low testosterone?

Without exposing widely, all men understand that as they get older, devious manhood will no longer be “the man”, but much longer. In addition, regardless of the dynamic elements of the drug network, it’s not just typical, but it’s really ideal. The other side of less testosterone and animosity is the ability to recover and sympathize with the world and everyone around you. This is one of the reasons many men seem to leave their mark (whether it’s a business or a relationship) to middle age.

That said, unusually low testosterone levels outside of an extremely advanced life are a terrible thing that can and should be treated. Incorporate demonstrations

loss of charisma (seriously, who could have hit her?),

Decreased vitality and increased fatigue.

loss of athletic performance

problems to stay alert, especially in the evening

Loss of pleasure in everyday life and perhaps misery.

Greater enthusiasm for buying a red sports car (not yet deductively proven)

What can you do about it?

Accept the fact that your testosterone levels are not strangely low (in this case, your wellness expert will inform you of the proper structure of hormone replacement therapy) for those with typically low or high dimensions, or for men who simply need to increase what they have, Moreover, limiting the use of soy in his feeding routine, I propose the following:

Try not to buy filtered water found in plastic containers collected in glass. Plastics can release estrogenic mixtures into the water after a while.

For the same reasons, NEVER place the microwave in the plastic compartments.

In case you drink, drink alcoholic beverages or wine, do not drink.

Make sure you eat enough healthy fats in your diet; This should be a mixture of fat soaked in benefits such as avocados, steaks, eggs and spreads, as well as fatty acids

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